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What is Emergent Wellness Community?

Emergent Wellness Community is our Private Mighty Network exclusively for members. Request an invite to join.

Be part of an online community where wellness seekers, holistic wellness practitioners and business professionals gather to grow in our wellbeing -- The Emergent Wellness Community!  

In the Emergent Wellness Community, we share ideas, information and successes. We also embrace our differences to better nurture our wellbeing as individuals and as a whole.  

This online community is NOT meant to be a social media platform that adds stress or challenges you to “keep up”. It is NOT a place of judgement or “right” vs “wrong”.  

Whether you are a provider, seeker or business professional, you are equally valued. 

Be as active as you’d like – whatever best feeds your mind, body, spirit and soul in this phase of life! 

A message from our founder Tim Hobbs

I am a truth seeker and growth junkie! I am passionate about leaving this planet better off than when I began my life journey. I have created, managed, automated, collaborated with and consulted with organizations for over thirty years. My desire is to be a catalyst for individuals and organizations that care about making a positive difference for generations to come. 

Through the support of our teams, experts, and holistic health practitioners this community can help you achieve a life well-lived whatever that means for you. Come join us on our journey to health, wellness, and well-being. 

Our community values

  • Educating each other on a variety of topics through interactive cafes, meaningful relationships, and fostering personal growth 

  • Connecting you to a network of people wanting to do more good in the world by forming teams such as Spiritual Wellness, Epigenetics, Well-being Journey, Lifestyle Medicine, and much more

  • Providing expert business advisors to help bring your ideas to life and further your business goals 

  • Being a safe judgement-free place to gather to talk about holistic health, wellness, and well-being